Saturday, June 30, 2007

As Macon Turns

So, I leave for two days to help raise money for Edwards, and Macon's Mayoral has, again, turned upside down. Rep. David Lucas, who announced on Monday night that he was running as as Independent, has thought better of that plan, and will not run. Then, Friday, I learn that Veronica Brinson, a local attorney, will attempt to qualify as an Independent. We'll see how she does gathering the required signatures, but regardless, her entry into the race will not have the same kind of impact that David Lucas would've had.

At Politics and Lunch on Friday, we had all but one of the candidates for a forum. Travis Fain from the Telegraph and Brandon Long from 41-WMGT asked the questions, and honestly, they did a great job. Reichert did a particularly good job at this forum, offering both passion and accurate information. Randall also did a good job, offering lots of detail as he discussed budget and questions about the landfill and the levy. He also made a promise-not to leave the state of Georgia for the first year of his term. That might play well in a community disgusted with our current Mayor's frequent trips abroad, sometimes at taxpayer expense.

I have not endorsed in this race, but will make a prediction about the outcome-always dangerous. Look for that prognostication on this page the day before the primary.

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