Monday, June 4, 2007

Edwards: Not Running for VP

John Edwards is running for President, not Vice President. If that wasn't clear before, after last night's debate, there can be no doubt. Unlike his rather gentle treatment of Sen. Kerry in 2004, last night, Edwards called Senator's Clinton and Obama out by name and challenged their failure to lead on the war in Iraq. Edwards repeatedly made the point that there is a difference in leadership and legislating, and for that drew what MyDD has called "The Look" from Sen. Clinton. Edwards' strong, forthright challenge is reflected in the Associated Press headline in the AJC, Leadership Questions Emerge at Debate.

And, in further evidence that Edwards hit a sore spot, this morning, Sen. Clinton is responding to Edwards. I got not one but two emails from Sen. Clinton's campaign. She offers video footage of the debate that will demonstrate her ability to lead. Being among the first to vote on the war funding bill rather than among the last might've been a better way to demonstrate the courage of leadership.

It does not take political courage to be among the last to vote. It is not leadership to discover where your supporters are on an issue and then vote. The morning papers have characterized Edwards' move as courageous, but what's new? Since the inception of this campaign, Sen. Edwards has been the first to speak on the tough issues. He was the first to declare that we need to bring our troops home and the only candidate to admit his mistake and apologize for his vote on the war. He was the first to propose a detailed universal healthcare plan. And, when the Supreme Court recently failed to protect choice, he was the first to say that a women's right to choose should be made law. That's the sort of leadership I can respect.


Rubyduby in GA said...

Re: The Look

OMG! She looks like she is about so step out from behind that podium and slap him.

HAHA! Good for him for sticking it to her on her crap.

Tina said...

We are lucky to have so many good candidates ! Look at the Republican crowd. All of them having to do a lot of intellectual sidestepping and hot-scotching to adhere to prevailing nonsense. I don't see how they can say/do some of the things they have to say/do to get votes without getting mental nausea. Maybe there is some kind of innoculation they take that we don't know about.