Monday, June 25, 2007

Rep. David Lucas Becomes Macon's Lieberman

I have now heard it from the horse's mouth. David Lucas is running for Mayor of Macon as an Independent, and, tonight, he was denied the opportunity to participate in a Democratic Mayoral Forum sponsored by the Bibb County Democratic Women. He is, after all, not running as a Democrat. And, I think that once he qualifies, he will have to resign his seat in the legislature.

The forum was held at Studio 32 in Macon, in the heart of East Macon. Just to paint a picture for you, this is the Club that is home the Cotton Street Mofia's annual holiday party, and it is easily 'home turf' for Rep. Lucas. He came in and asked to be included in the forum, and was denied that opportunity by Ms. Mary Modena, the wife of the sheriff and the President of the Democratic Women. Actually, she sort of let the crowd vote, and there was not a whole lot of support for including him in the forum. It was the political equivilent to telling dad that, no, he cannot, in fact, sit in his favorite recliner in his own livingroom.

Mary did give him the microphone at the end, and invited him to address the crowd . He took the opportunity to declare his candidacy and slam the Telegraph and Jami Gaudet for trying to make this election "about a hotel" when there are much more critical issues facing the city-solvency and the landfill to name a couple. Lucas said he didn't want to run, and he thought that Sen. Robert Brown was going to run. Brown got sick and Macon is in a mess that requires his attention, so, he's running.

David Lucas is a Democrat to the core, but this is a partisan election, and he has chosen to run as an Independent. Is he still a Democrat? Or, has he become Macon's own Joe Lieberman? Why didn't he just run in the Democratic Primary? Like EVERYONE else? I suspect that the answer lies in the question. By running as an Independent, he bypasses the primary and gets a ticket straight to the general election. Not a bad move, except that it does not appear that the Party faithful are entertained by him refusing to play by the "rules." Imagine that, David Lucas not playing by the rules. Who knew?


Vic said...

David finally wised up and decided to join the DemiCan party.

Vic said...

Okay, now who is going to fill the soon to be vacant city council seat?