Monday, June 18, 2007

Rep. Lucas to Run for Mayor of Macon as Independent

Rep. David Lucas is busy gathering the 3000 signatures he needs to run for Mayor of Macon as an Independent. He sought signatures at the Juneteenth Celebration and again tonight at Elaine Lucas' (his wife) fish fry. Elaine is currently running to retain her seat on Macon's City Council. The rumor mill says he already has 2000 signatures.

By going this route, Lucas avoids the Democratic primary and moves directly to the general election. This should make life more interesting in Macon.


Tim said...

this makes no sense.

An independent?

Is Lucas a nonpartisan or just a coward?

Amy Morton said...

I haven't talked to David, but he has always impressed me as someone who makes up his own mind, so I have to conclude that this is his idea. I wish that he would stay in the legislature.

Vic said...

btw, the "rumor mill" was his wife, after the hotel vote.