Sunday, June 24, 2007

Steve Bell is Running for Bibb County Commission

I had heard that Steve Bell intended to run for Sam Hart's seat on the Bibb County Commission, but that intention was confirmed today in an odd sort of way. Remember the sign vultures? Some have returned, and this time, instead of taking a sign, they left one. Saturday night, a sign asserting that Steve Bell will listen and lead in his quest to become a county commissioner appeared on private (church) property. The pastor said she didn't request the sign, and I haven't seen the signs anywhere else in town. It was just sort of 'out of the blue' and a little early for the commission seat special election, don't you think? But, anyway, he is apparently running.


Vic said...

we really do need to do a european style, double cheek eskimo kiss and make up, georgia improper broke the story 31 days ago.

Steve Bell May 24, 2007

as one of my dear departed mentors & gurus used to say, "i type(take pictures) faster than those that type (take pictures) better and better than those that type (take pictures) faster."

Steve Bell said...

Hey Amy,

I am running for County Commisioner for District 1. I don't know who put a sign out on a church property, it certainly wasn't me and I've only given out about 20 signs. If you'll let me know what church the sign is at I'll go pick it up in case they haven't disposed of it already. Let me know if you hear of anything else like that so I can be on top of it.


Amy Morton said...

Steve: Send me an email at, and I will give you the details. You do need to talk with the pastor-she was not happy, but she would rather I not publish her name on the blog.

Vic said...

If you and the preacher lady need something to be morally indignant about, read this and get back with us.