Monday, July 23, 2007

Candidate Wants to Give Macon Back to the Indians

This qualifies as the most unique idea I've ever heard from a candidate for anything. David Cousino, the winner of the Republican mayoral primary in Macon, Georgia, has a unique proposal to spur city growth and protect Macon from terrorism. He wants to return the land to its rightful owners: the Creek Indian Nation.

According to the Telegraph, Cousino says that he's not giving anything away. He just wants to return the land to it's rightful owner. He claims that those who own property in the city would have no worries, after all, the Creek Nation would need them for the tax base. The city, he says, would be incorporated by the Creeks, and would grow "overnight." And, we'd be much safer:

He said becoming part of the Creek territory also would help ensure residents' safety, because Cousino believes that terrorists wouldn't view the city as a target if it wasn't part of the traditional United States."Whatever the best interests of the citizens, I'm here to protect our city," Cousino said.

Think this approach might work for NYC?