Saturday, July 7, 2007

God Weighs In

God is alive and well and, at least according to the candidate, has endorsed Rev. Victor Hunt in his effort to unseat Councilwomen Elaine Lucas. At least that's what his Georgia Informer ad indicates. There was no photograph available for the ad. Hunt, who had made headlines during the campaign because of his unpaid child support, can't possibly be right on this one. From what I've heard about God, she'd never endorse a parent who failed to pay their child support. Besides, I'm pretty sure that God got out of the endorsement business when she got burned by George W.

Under the headline, The Ultimate Endorsement, the Telegraph reports:

The July edition of the Georgia Informer, a locally produced newspaper, is flush with ads from candidates for Macon mayor and City Council.
Based on those ads, the Rev. Victor Hunt, he of the unpaid child-support bills and well-publicized criminal record, may have pulled off the greatest coup in the history of Macon politics in his bid to unseat Councilwoman Elaine Lucas.
On page 27 of the Informer, Hunt lists several dozen endorsements, but the headliner is pretty obvious. Hunt says he has been endorsed by God.
In fact, God is listed as his top endorsement because "he's the head of my life, and then he should be first on my endorsement list," Hunt said.
Last on the list? We're glad you asked. None other than "Etc."


Vic said...

Cousin Herbert & God are gonna be ticked if you don't give them some link love.

Amy Morton said...

I would never want to get on Herbert's wrong side. He should loke me today. I think I might've help him sell some papers! :)

Amy Morton said...

I mean, he should "like" me today...

Tina said...

The time to worry is when the politicians start listing God as a contributor.