Friday, July 13, 2007

Lance Randall Surprised Me

I have not endorsed any candidate in the mayor's race in Macon, and this should not be construed as an endorsement. I get a lot of mail from candidates, but Lance Randall surprised me today. When I came back from lunch, I had a thick envelope in the mail from "Randall fro Mayor." Since I cannot vote in this race, I assumed that this was a request for a donation and opened the envelope expecting a contribution envelope to be included. I was wrong.

Instead, I found a letter describing the importance of this race and asking for "strong support" but never for money. His campaign platform was included, and he invited the reader to "review it, study it, challenge it" and offer him sincere feedback. He provided a phone # where he could be reached. It was kind of refreshing.

The planks of his platform begin with a "Clean Campaign Pledge." Randall says that he will run a clean campaign for the mayor's office and will not run a campaign against any other candidate. In other words, no negative ads, no "Saturday Surprise," and no mysterious fliers showing up in mailboxes over the weekend. I have to say, to this point, as far as I know, Randall has kept this pledge. But, I don't live in the City, so since he has put this out there, if anyone knows different, feel free to respond.

The other planks focused on Ethics and Accountability, Financial Recovery and Stabilization, Economic and Small Business Development, Tourism and Intergovernmental Cooperation.

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