Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lucas Endorses Ponder

Despite his comments last week, the Telegraph now reports that Rep. David Lucas has endorsed Anita Ponder in the Democratic Primary for Mayor of Macon. Will this make the difference for Anita? What are your thoughts?


KevinDumont said...

Amy, Please be upset at the misleading news story done by Fox24 on the 10:00 p.m. news tonite. They ran a story about the Ponder endorsement by Rep. Lucas, but used footage from the Lucas announcement that he was not going to run for mayor. The footage included Sam Hart (potential candidate for County Commissioner Chair) Tom Hudson, who has endorsed Reichert in an ad, Lillie Ruth Gant of the Democratic Executive committee, Rev. Ray who works for Reichert, and the Ellis staffer, now on board with Reichert, Sam Henderson. I mean since you have billed yourself as the watchtower for misleading political ads, what are you going to do or say about this very misleading news story. Your point with Ficklin was that the ad was misleading though technically correct. This situation is neither technically correct or factually sound. This is what you need to guard against, but Fox24 is a multimedia gaint and Ficklin is just an honest public servant. I am disappointed that you don't already have a sizzling rebuke of the station posted. Let's be fair. It's not too late to take Fox24 to task. The news story was quite misleading and I was confused. How about you?

KevinDumont said...

Oh, Amy, did I mention that the news story picturing all those people gave the impression that they were all endorsing Anita and thta is where the problem is. As people skim and scan the news, without knowing that Fox24 is using old footage from another event, they are going to think that all of the people shown are for Ponder. Your point now would be very vaild.