Monday, July 9, 2007

Moffett and Lucas Earn Telegraph's Endorsement

Early voting began today, and it appears that the Telegraph has gone with common sense rather than "God's endorsement" and given the nod to Elaine Lucas. The paper points out her experience, reliability and ability to "get things done."

In another hotly contested races, the Telegraph has given the nod to Keith Moffett, of Politics and Lunch fame, over his two opponents, incumbents Rick Hutto and Brenda Youmas. (Hutto is not an incumbent in his seat, but he is currently on council.) In this race, the Telegraph offers one of the strongest endorsements I have seen in a while, and a rather stinging rebuke to Youmas and Hutto:

The present members of council, particularly Youmas, have been part of a team that has allowed our city finances to deteriorate. While no one on council wants to admit they should have paid more attention, the excuse of its being a part-time position doesn't hold water.
Moffett brings a new perspective to council. His resume is impressive: He's a Navy veteran who served on two Trident submarines. He has earned his MBA from Wesleyan College. He's participated in Leadership Macon and Leadership Georgia. He's worked with United Way, 100 Black Men and Crisis Line.

Congratulations to Keith and Elaine!

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