Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Pro-Choice, Pro-Gay Rights Republican in Georgia?

Let me just say, God bless Jason Cecil, President of YD Georgia. He went to the YR meeting last night in Buckhead where Mike Jacobs (state legislator, ex-democrat and opportunist extraordinaire') was basking in his newly-donned GOPness. When Q&A rolled around, here's what happened:

....the talk FINALLY ended, and Mike opened it up for questions. There were many follow-ups on economic policy, which is the heart of Mike's Republican change.I did raise my hand for a question, and Mike actually called on me. I asked him if was still pro-choice and pro-gay rights. I could tell the question angered him, because I pointing out an area that his new Republican friends would not likely appreciate....his socially liberal views. He tried to "politician" me by saying he's always said he supported individual rights, to which I replied, "But that doesn't answer..." and then he erupted. "YES! Alright? YES! The answer is YES." He lost his cool, and I had pointed out a difference that many of the GOP faithful would NOT approve of. My work was done.

Go read all about it on Jason's blog, and don't skip the part about the prayer.

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Tina said...

I'm not sure this is a real great time for Democrats to turn Republican. The Japanese have a wonderful saying: "The wise bamboo bends with the big wind."
One can interpret this a number of ways. In 2008 the "big wind" may come from the Democratic side and "bending Republican" doesn't sound too wise.