Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Shoe-In for Peace

To the degree that fashion is a reflection of the public mood, peace is now officially cool, even among higher income Americans. I know this because yesterday when Daryl and I were shopping in Atlanta, I came across several pairs of Donald J. Pliner shoes decorated with jeweled peace signs. For those not familiar, Pliner is an American designer of high-end shoes, belts and handbags. His shoes are pricey, at least for my budget, with many pairs ringing up in excess of $250.00. Note to Congress and the President: when peace signs show up on $250 sandals, it's a signal that you're out of step.

Actually, I was for peace before it was cool. My favorite piece of jewelry is a specially made peace sign pendant with tiny diamonds my husband gave me for an anniversary gift three years ago. I get more comments on that quarter-sized pendent than anything else I wear. Trust me, those comments have changed some over the last three years. The polls reflect it, too. Public sentiment is no longer with this war.

Some in Congress are fond of saying that this is "George Bush's War." That's true, but with every day that passes with Democrats in Congress failing to act to do what they can do to force the President's hand to bring our troops home, the war belongs more and more to them as well. It seems as though all this administration has to do to keep Democrats in check is to call them names. As long as this war goes on, why do we think that anyone who is now in Congress can be elected President?
And, no. I did not buy the sandals.

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