Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Well, I Be Damned...

Reichert took the thing without a runoff, and Whitehead came in second when only first mattered. I missed the festivities in Macon tonight because I was out of town plotting to elect lots of pro-choice women to the Georgia General Assembly. The results, of both our municipal races and the 10th congressional district, were a little surprising. I thought that Reichert might pull it off without a runoff, but never dreamed it would be by such a margin. The other local surprise was Rick Hutto-not that he had the most votes but that he also avoided a runoff. Part of what happened in Macon was due to Republican cross-over voting, but I think that more of the credit goes to the hard work of the people in Reichert's campaign. I know that they wore out shoes walking and knocking on doors. A measure of credit also goes to the people of Macon who ignored race and just voted for the person who was best able to lead. Congratulations to all who won, and a tip of the hat to all who ran.

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