Monday, July 2, 2007

Who is Veronica Brinson?

If she is able to gather the needed signatures, Veronica Brinson will enter Macon's mayoral race as an Independent. I've been wondering who was pushing this thirty-something attorney to do this, but those who know her say that there may be no one at all. I did notice her name in an old Telegraph story about Mayor Ellis reorganizing Municipal Court. She was apparently placed on the bench for "environmental" court when another judge was reassigned. That's interesting. It makes it appear that, at least at some point, she found favor with Mayor Ellis. Is he behind her run? I doubt it.

Let's face it, it takes some degree of self confidence to run for office, but running for Mayor, first time out, takes a significant ego. At this point, no one I've talk to seems shocked that she took this step, and no one seems particularly pleased. In the final analysis, I doubt very much that she will be much of a factor in the November election. Here's why.

Ms. Brinson is an attorney and, until recently, a Municipal Court judge. She is a graduate of Leadership Macon and one of Georgia Trend's 2005 "Forty Under Forty." She has a compelling personal story, finishing college and graduating from law school despite becoming a mother as a teenager. That's all well and good, but she has never before served in or run for elected office. There will be a whole lot of questions about what, exactly, qualifies her to be Mayor.

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