Friday, August 24, 2007

Calling All (Female) Candidates

EMILY's List is coming to Georgia on Ocotber 9th an 10th to offer their stellar candidate training. So, if you are a pro-choice, Democratic women and intend to run for office at some point in the future, this training is for you. You can learn more about POP training here. I have attended this training, and it is the best intro to "how to run." You will learn how to prepare to run, how to raise the money, how to form your message and communicate with voters.

For more information on the training, email me at or contact EMILY's List at (This year, for Georgia's WIN List, an organization that supports qualified Democratic women who are running for state-level office, I am chairing the candidate committee. I would love to hear from women who are planning to run, so if that's you, then drop me an email.)

Women often have to be asked to run for office, so if you know outstanding Democratic women (including the one in the mirror) who you think would be great candidates, tell them and get them to this training.

And, before I get the email about why this training is just for women, consider these facts:

-85% of members in the 109th Congress are MEN
-84% of state governors are MEN
-87% of big-city mayors are MEN
-77.5% of state legislators are MEN
-Of the 1,875 people who have served in the U.S. Senate in U.S. history, 33 are women. Fourteen of these women currently hold office.
-Of the 10,544 people who have served in the U.S. House in U.S. history, 191 are women. Sixty-six of these women currently hold office.
-18% of Georgia Legislators are women

So, while I'm all for great Democratic men running for office (case in point, John Edwards), we do need more great Democratic women to become candidates. So, see you in October.

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