Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Field of Dreams

This afternoon, we visited the place where the movie, Field of Dreams was filmed. Again, what an appropriate metaphor for the Iowa caucuses. Right now, I am at Presidential forum sponsored by Workers for a Better Iowa. I think that all of the Democratic candidates are slated to attend and speak, with the exception of Richardson.

The large room is packed with people of all ages. Beside me is an undecided voter who is very concerned about healthcare and Iraq. She just attended the funeral of a friend, a 22 year-old Marine who died in Iraq. She says there's no good answer for Iraq, but that we should respect our soldiers and their sacrifice. She's heard Obama before, and is now looking forward to hearing from the others. Like many in Iowa, she is "shopping" for the right candidate. Her number 1 criteria? Electability.


Tina said...

Electability is good....and it's a factor that has been neglected by Democrats before.

Vic said...

Welcome back. For an all peace is local respit, try this corner, every Friday 5:30-6p.m... About a block and a half from your office.

Thanks for the report from Iowa and the origin of it's name.

Did you miss the belly dancers Saturday night? :-)