Saturday, August 25, 2007

Marshall-1, Goddard-0

Since I'm in a baseball sort of mood...

In the bottom of the first inning of the Marshall-Goddard contest for Congress, Goddard delivered a fastball on the outside corner of proper, and Marshall knocked it out of the park.

Last week, Goddard attacked Marshall for being "overseas" for some of the debate on the Farm bill, and today, Marshall made Goddard pay the price for sloppy research and half-truths. You see, Marshall was "overseas." Goddard was well aware of, but omitted, the fact that Marshall was embedded with Special Forces troops in Pakistan, Not exactly a vacation on the French Rivera. He also didn't know or failed to say that Marshall had participated in the debate on the Farm bill in committee and returned to D.C. in time to assure passage in the House.

This exchange was a loss for Goddard on so many levels. He gave Marshall an opportunity to display his (authentic) hawk wings and underscore his current post on the important Armed Services Committee-not a good move for Major General Goddard who is sure to rely on that title in his campaign. Good luck with that, General. Jim's so hawkish he makes some Democrats cringe.

Marshall also made it clear that Goddard doesn't have home field advantage when discussing the activities of Congress. And, if that's not enough, he gave Marshall the honors of being the first to reference "San Francisco" in this campaign-and not in a good way. In short, Goddard gave Marshall a gift-he opened his right flank, and Marshall moved in and set up camp. Plus, just by telling the truth, Marshall made Goddard look petty and disingenuous. I confess to having been worried about this race. Not anymore. Marshall's known on Capitol Hill as a pretty good baseball player. Goddard might want to remember that before his next pitch.

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