Friday, August 17, 2007

Off to Iowa

I am on the road, on the way to Iowa join the Edwards campaign for the wrap up of the bus tour. I will be blogging from the road, and this morning there is good polling news from Iowa for Edwards
Senator Edwards is on top of the field in Iowa; a new Hart Research poll shows Senator Edwards at a strong 30% among caucus-goers.


Hart Research Iowa Poll - Aug 16, 2007

The Presidential Race

John Edwards leads the way among Iowa caucus-goers right now with 30% of the vote among Democrats.
Presidential Trial Heat (including leaners)

John Edwards 30%

Hillary Clinton 22%

Barack Obama 18%

Bill Richardson 13%

Joe Biden 5%

Dennis Kucinich 1%

Chris Dodd 0%

Mike Gravel 0%

Undecided 11%

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