Sunday, August 5, 2007

Porter for Governor?

Can I just say that Rep. Porter sounded an awful lot like a candidate for Governor this weekend at the County Party Chairs' dinner? I have no scoop, mind you , and no inside information, but should he decide to run, I think he'd make a good candidate. I do have one concern. I'm just not sure Dubose is arrogant enough to be Governor. I mean, after all, he's accessible, responsive, down to earth, smart. The question is, can a nice guy, or gal, win?


Open+Transparent said...

Seriously, what has DuBose Porter (and calvin Smyre) ever accomplished? Seriously, what is his outstanding piece of legislation? When has he make a real, tough, draw a line in the sand stand on something? Being a nice guy is nice. That's all it is.

Tina said...

Dubose Porter and Calvin Smyre are not auditioning for roles in a remake of Gunfight at OK Corral.
As for worthwhile legislation, the party currently in power in Georgia hasn't much to brag on.