Sunday, August 5, 2007

The War on "Hispanics"

Read the following letter to the editor published in today's Telegraph and then tell me whether the writer would've dared written this letter and specified that the drivers were, say, 'black' or any other ethnicity other than "Hispanic." The assumptions the writer maked based only on her perception that the drivers "appeared to be Hispanic" are pretty startling:

Don't know the law?
About a month ago as I was coming out of Kroger at Tom Hill pushing my groceries across the crosswalk. A man who appeared to be Hispanic kept coming and I had to stop for him. He did not seem to know that I had the right of way. This week as I was going into the Kroger at Presidential Parkway and a man who looked Hispanic did not yield as I was going across the crosswalk and would have struck me if I had not stopped. He was going too fast and looked at me as if I were crazy. I wonder how these men got driver's licenses, or ever worse, do they even have licenses? If they can't read English or know the road signs they shouldn't be driving.

Carolyn Meadows

There's a fine line, often crossed, between "securing our borders" and waging a "War on Hispanics." The heated rhetoric, often heavy on emotion and light on facts, has made bias against "Hispanics," here legally or not, acceptable. Sometimes, the Telegraph would do folks a favor if they didn't publish their letters.

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Tina said...

In times of fear, nativism seems always to rear its head. But we are not the real natives of this country. We are all "boat people" except the original native Americans. It's just a matter of numbers of generations since our particular boat landed. Many of our ancestors came to this country as indentured servants and some as unwilling slaves.