Wednesday, August 1, 2007

What a List of Supporters!

This Saturday, the DPG will elect a representative to the DNC. If you're a State Committee member, you need to be in Macon on Saturday at 1 pm to vote. While we have three wonderful women running for this position, one of the candidates, Mary Long, has an especially impressive track record and the proven ability to stand up for all Georgia Democrats. Mary has a most impressive list of supporters, and you can view a sample of them here. Many sent along their personal comments and videos about Mary. Click on the names below to read or see what these Georgia leaders had to say about Mary:

- Kathy Ashe
- Carolyn Fleming Hugley
- Heidi Davison
- Gail Buckner
- Hattie Dorsey
- Melita Easters
- Lauren Benedict
- Jenna Moore
- Amy Morton
- Daryl Morton
- Rev. Kathy Morris
- Patty Payne

Here's a quote from just one of these supporters:

As an experienced, effective and highly respected communicator, Mary Long will represent Georgia well at the DNC. She will bring energy, experience and great wisdom to her role in strengthening the relationship between the state party and the national headquarters. She will be a strong advocate for rebuilding the southern grassroots of the party and for insuring that the importance of the south is not forgotten as the 2008 campaign season plans are made.
Mary Long is a dedicated Democrat, a compassionate and committed civic leader and a woman who would make Georgia proud as she represents the state on the Democratic National Committee. I urge you to support her.

Melita Easters

Founding Chair, Georgia’s WIN List


Jason said...

It's interesting how the "behind the scenes" comments are so much different than these public ones. I've been disgusted and disappointed in the behavior of some who quite forcefully make the argument that we need to base our vote NOT on the content of the candidates' character, but on the color of their skin. As Democrats in the home state of Martin Luther King, Jr, this is SHAMEFUL.

proudgadem said...

It is also not about age, but rather about compentency, a proven track record and the gravitas that this position requires. Mary Long is the candidate that meets these requirements.

Edward said...

i gotta say, thats a heckuva list...

politically blonde said...

It IS about age when 98% of the DNC is over the age of 55.

How is the party and the DNC going to attract youth and help grow the next generation of leaders?

Slandering people behind their backs is NOT a Democratic Value and should be rejected.

We need to think about the FUTURE of the party not the PAST.

Tina said...

Congratulations, Mary! You did it, and I'm glad !