Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Whew! That's a Relief!

Thank God Sen. Cecil Staton and Rep. Allen Peake called a press conference so they and other Macon officials could stand in solidarity against the Mayor's statement of solidarity with Hugo Chavez. Before their press conference today, I was certain that Staton and Peake were co-signers of Ellis' letter (after all, they're all BFFE) and wanted nothing more than to invite Chavez to be honorary emcee for the Cherry Blossom Pageant. Glad they've clarified their position.

Seriously, how hard is it to call a press conference to stand up against something so ridiculous? How about a few press conferences to stand up for our children's health? Or for fully funding their schools? Or maybe to call for some ethics legislation that might address excessive lobbyist spending? Here's what Shipp had to say:
Georgia's vision of a prosperous future is based on attracting rich geezers and importing young adults who grew up somewhere else. As you can see, the current crowd certainly has no interest in investing in the well-being of Georgia children here and now.

But, never fear. They ARE opposed to Hugo Chavez and Jack Ellis.

Me, too.


Vic said...

Now if you can get Lauren Benedict to show public support for the redesign of Forest Hill Road, we might be able to say we have some stand up folks in office rather than the usual politics for politics sake gang. After today, Lauren is just about the only local politican that hasn't commented on contacting Larry Walker at GDOT.

Vic said...

What is a BFFE?

Tina said...

There's a lot of "easy piety" going on these days. Easy piety consists mainly of pointing a finger at someone else' or disapproving of someone's lifestyle. Although I don't agree with cozying up to Hugo Chavez, I agree that being AGAINST cozying up to him is definitely easy piety.
More difficult piety involves actually doing something that improves the human condition whether it happens to be popular or not, and whether it happens to line your coffers with $$$ or not.
Our country is now in a situation where health care is neglected, border security is neglected (except for pompous statements about building The Great Wall), food safety is neglected, product safety is neglected, the Geneva Convention is neglected and diplomacy is a forgotten word. And not only all-of-the-above, but the stock market is low and gas prices are high. American men and women are dying in an ill-planned war that shows no progress.
And yet we still have politicians who are humming "holy, holy, holy" as they plan new ways to neglect both the poor AND the middle class.

Amy Morton said...

Clearly you do not have a teenager who texts: Best Friends For Ever

Also, I hear that Lauren sent you an email about meeting with the three Ward Five reps regarding Forest Hill Road. Did you not get the email?

Vic said...


No email from Lauren in either one of my email boxes and no phone call.

Here is a list of those that have contacted Larry Walker at GDOT and below that, those that have not responded.

1) Contacted Larry Walker to redesign Forest Hill Rd.

A) City: White, Hutto, Erickson, Schlesinger, Ellington, Paris away, will contact next week.

B) County: Joe Allen, Maurice Atkinson, Steve Bell, Terry Tripp.

C) State: Peake said he contacted LW prior to Tuesday's town hall. No response from Robert Brown and have never had response from David Lucas, so didn't bother to email him.

Non Respondents:

D) Federal: No response from Jim Marshall.

E) School Board: Sharon Patterson, Lynn Farmer, no response, even though the issue directly affects area school children.

This group is a pretty broad consensus; if Charles Bishop, Elmo Richardson and Harold Linnenkohl ignore this they are no better than Chavez.