Thursday, August 23, 2007

Who Will Be Macon's Next Council President?

In Macon, after the new Council is seated in December, one of the five members who are elected city-wide will become the new President of City Council. Voters do not choose that position in Macon. Instead, City Council elects their own President. Those eligible are Lauren Benedict, Larry Schelsinger, Miriam Paris, James Timley and Rick Hutto. Paris, Timley and Hutto have experience on Council, something I think is important for the next President, but Benedict and Schelsinger both have strengths that could benefit someone in that position. I hear that the Telegraph will host one more debate before the general election, and that they will invite the candidates for mayor and those who hold city-wide seats on Council to participate. They will then endorse not only for Mayor but for City Council President.

So, who do you favor for Council President? Why?

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