Monday, September 3, 2007

"We All Answer to Women Somewhere"

How appropriate that six men and no women serve on the Georgia Senate Committee on Rights Relating to Reproductive and Genetic Technology. Go, now, and find women to run for office in Georiga. Here's a portion of the article from the AJC's Political Insider.
Last week, six men —- five Republican and one Democrat —- gathered in a fourth-floor room in the Capitol to convene the Senate Study Committee on Rights Relating to Reproductive and Genetic Technology.
(A male witness noted that committee members were of a single gender. "We all answer to women somewhere," quipped chairman Eric Johnson of Savannah.)


Vic said...

They give you a woman candidate for President, you support a man.
We just can't do nothin right around here. :-)

Amy Morton said...

Curious isn't it? You'd be amazed at the number of women who have said to me, "I identify with Hillary; I could be Hillary, so why am I not supporting Hillary?" The answer varies but almost always ends with "and I'm just not sure that she can win the general election."

I am supporting the person in the race who leads on the issues that matter the most to women and the person that helps us elect more Democrats-men and women-down the ballot in Georgia.

Don't I get some points for that?

Vic said...

you always get points and counter points from me.

Tina said...

Responding to: "We all answer...."
Giving a meaningful answer requires actually listening.

Responding to Vic: You get ten points off for use of indefinite "they" and another five points off for the slippery "they>you>we" pronoun shift. Former English teacher is made dizzy by rapid rhetorical revolutions. :-)

Amy Morton said...

Tina, I think that you need to grade some of Bush's speeches! You are a women after my (English teaching) mother's own heart!

Vic said...

tina, my motto, "i/you/he/she/it start(s) bitchin and we/you/they start an evolution revolution." the personal/political pronouns are juxtaposable, interchangeable and yes, slippery when the humidity gets high enough. but to emphathize, they make me, as thee dizzy trying to read some of them the morning after, the night before. don't get me started on the interlopingly injected commas and apostrophes'. Who was it who said, "I type faster than those that write better and write better than those that type faster?"

Vic said...

Pavaratti & James Brown sing one for the Bynum/RevWeeks Fan club: