Saturday, September 1, 2007

And the Fab Five Are...

The short list for the next Superior Court Judge in the Macon Judicial Circuit was being passed about today. The chosen five to replace Judge Culpepper are (in no particular order):

Charles Jones
Phillip Raymond
Pam White-Colbert
Edgar Ennis
Graham Thorpe

Now, it's up to Sonny to pick from that list. There are some interesting dynamics in place. First of all, two of the five (Pam White-Colbert and Graham Thorpe) are ADA's in Bibb County. It's been a while since someone from the District Attorney's office became a Superior Court Judge in this circuit. Second, the last African American to be chosen for Superior Court in this circuit was Judge Sands, who is now a federal judge. Of course, Ennis, White-Colbert and Jones all ran for the seat now held by Judge Self. It's going to be very interesting to see who Perdue chooses.