Sunday, September 2, 2007

And This is a Problem, Why?

Today, Sen. Edwards made it clear that health care for everyone does not imply responsibility for no one. Today in Tipton, Iowa, he told a crowd that people would be expected to see their doctor for preventative health care. He said that if Americans choose to be in the health care system, they cannot choose to not see their doctor for twenty years. Regular checkups and a healthier lifestyles would drive down health costs in American. That makes sense, but, alas, the words had hardly left his lips before the rightwing bloggers started in. The same crew that preaches personal responsibility thinks expecting people to go to the doctor is just too much to ask. Okay, how about we compromise and let you drive your SUV to the doctor??


Edward said...


Once Richardson drops out, I'm pretty sure Edwards is my choice.

I'm realizing this more and more.

He's gonna surprise everyone once he takes IA and NH (well he wasn't leading nationally! they will say).

Amy Morton said...

The door will always be open, Edward. :)

Also, this proposal reminds me of Bill Clinton's Welfare to Work model. It's a hand up vrs. a handout approach to health care. Who can argue that personal responsibility is not part of the equation?