Saturday, September 1, 2007

A Democrat Running Against Marshall?

I hear that a gentleman named Robert Nowak is planning to run against Jim Marshall in the Democratic primary. I believe that he is from Warner Robins and that he was an educator by profession. I met him on Friday when he came to Politics and Lunch.

I stand by previous comments about Marshall. I agree with him about half the time-much more often than I would agree with his various Republican opponents. Plus, Jim has done a great job of representing Georgia, especially Middle Georgia. His constituent services are excellent. And, he's the only sort of Democrat who has a prayer in the race. I'll be supporting Marshall.


Vic said...

Mayor soon to be Hakim Mansour Ellis all but announced he is running for the 8th district, on Randall Savage's TV show. It's packed with entertainment value, he speaks three languages at the same time, conscious, unconscious and then the words:

When asked about his name change, Mayor Ellis said he was waiting on the lawyer, then immediately outtriplespoke himself and said he needs to start the name change process right now, after the tv interview but had kept his old name because of his great empathy for the people who voted for him under his previous/current name.

He also tripleelaborated at length on his coastal home in Ghana, or thereabouts and desire for dual citizenship to overcome the property ownership problems. Last time i talked to him, he said he was going to be Honorary Consul to Uganda, a neighboring country of Ghana, which would negate him from being able to run for office.
There is only one other person in Georgia whose thought process reminds me of a merry go round/roller coaster/bellyflopping mud contest like Mayor, HC, Ambassador Hakim.

Mayor, HC, Ambassador, Ellis has invited my buddy Jane Fonda to go to Vietnam for the Tet reunion. I'm jealous but am certain since moving to Georgia, near the Dalai Lama, i hear Jane has gotten closer to Jesus and so have i, so everything will be cool and one day all of the Georgia Christians will forgive us for our sins.

Randall Savage sure does know how to make an interview seem like an amusement park and/or disco dance hall.

Can you write us a summary of what Alan Essig said about idea guy Glenn Richardson's Tax plan and tell us more about this Nowack guy?
I've googled him to no avail, he's either a network engineer, deceased austrian artist, nevada environmentalist or chicago realtor.

It's going to be tough deciding who to vote for since the best i can tell, Jim has forgotten the Forest Hill Road project and neighbors.

Think global but please remember all politics is local...

The Dalai Lama is coming to a location near you.


Amy Morton said...

I know little about Nowak.

Vic said...

spill it, please.

Amy Morton said...

He was a teacher, and my husband says that when they spoke at Politics and Lunch, he called Jim Marshall "immoral." Yikes.