Thursday, September 6, 2007

Endorsements, Court Rulings, and The Golden Rule

This had been a busy day. Here are a few of the high spots:

1) I began my day with a committee meeting for Community Partnership, the Family Connection Project for Macon and Bibb County, and I am very pleased to report that in the coming year the collaborative will narrow our focus and address the needs of "The Peach Orchard" area of Bibb County.

2) Dana Blankenhorn has jumped on the Edwards bandwagon, citing his "fearlessness," especially since Elizabeth was diagnosed with caner and saying, "John Edwards is, for me, the clearest path to where we need to go. So I'm with him. I'm just sad it took me so long to admit it." Welcome, Dana.

3) Sen. Edwards scored another huge labor endorsement today. The New York City-based Transport Workers Union, representing 200,000 active and retired members, gave him the nod, calling him the one who can win.

4) Golden Rule Politics, the powerful DVD produced by The Baptist Center for Ethics is now available. This DVD and the study guide that comes along with it helps address the fact that the GOP does not have an exclusive contract with God, i.e., God is neither a Republican or a Democrat. Video clips are available for viewing on the site, and the DVD, study guide and the right to show it to large groups, only cost $20.00.

5) The Federal Court has upheld Georgia's Voter ID Law, and this is what Jane Kidd had to say:

Kidd responds to Voter ID ruling

ATLANTA – Democratic Party of Georgia Chair Jane Kidd released the following statement in response to a federal court’s decision to dismiss a lawsuit challenging Georgia’s Voter ID Law.“We disagree in the strongest possible terms with the Court’s decision, and maintain that Georgia’s Voter ID Law continues to represent a burden to the public and to the right to vote. The law especially places an additional burden on elderly and low-income voters. “Over the next few months, we will be ramping up our voter education programs, to ensure that every voter is prepared to vote with one of the proper forms of identification. To that end, we’ll be working closely with our county parties to help them educate voters at the grassroots level. We’ll also be focusing closely on our election protection program to prevent inaccuracies and inequalities at the voting booths.”

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