Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hold the Phone!

Call it my pet peeve, but I REALLY HATE getting robocalls on my cellphone. I especially hate it when I get robocalls on my cellphone for RACES I CAN'T VOTE IN. Neither I, not my cellphone (with a 478 area code) live in Fulton County, yet, today, I got a call on my cellphone asking me to vote on Tuesday for the new entity, South Fulton.

That's some fine targeting going on there.


Tina said...

Somebody needs to invent a robo-answer. Something like: "May a dozen desert scorpions make their nests in your candidate's bedroom slippers."

Andre said...


As the person who cut the list for the robo-calls in South Fulton, I'm very curious as to how you got a call from us, because you're nowhere to be found in our voter file.

Who was the call from and when did you receive it?

Amy Morton said...

Oh, Tina, I like your style.

Andre, according to my Blackberry, I got the call,Saturday afternoon (the 15th)at 4:29 pm from the number (619)325-1741. It was 38 seconds long. Since I actually answered the call, I don't have a recording, but it was from a local, male elected official from Fulton.(Maybe County Commissioner or City Council?)Must be the same company that did the robocalls for Lonzie Edwards who is running for Bibb County Commission. I got another call from that same # from someone on his behald on the 13th. I can't vote in that race either, but at least it's in Bibb County.

Andre said...

I don't know how the heck that happened.

Maybe someone in the voter file used to have your cell phone number, because I got the file from the State Party and it only has South Fulton numbers in it (at least it should only have South Fulton numbers in it).

That's just confusing to me.

Amy Morton said...

That's curious. I have had the same cellphone number for at least ten years.