Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Naked Yoga, Sex in Cars Poll

Yes, you read that right. I really don't know what's stranger-that these were questions in a phone poll I got tonight or that I actually answered-some of them.

Here's the deal. The phone rang about 8 pm, and an automated voice asked me to take a poll the results of which would be announced on national television. Okay, at this point, I'm thinking, "the MSNBC debate is tomorrow night, and this might be about the presidential, so let me stay on the phone long enough to give Edwards a bump."

After the standard demographic information, including political party, these questions were threaded in between questions about "right direction" or "wrong direction", Iran and the death penalty:

#1: "Have you ever been questioned by the FBI?"

#2: "If your neighbors were doing yoga in the nude in the backyard every morning, would you call the police or watch?

#3: "Have you ever had sex in a car."

They did not ask about sex in the Oval Office, cellphone conversations with madams while voting or solicitation of Congressional interns. And, no, there was no presidential preference asked.

Very strange indeed.

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Vic said...

sounds like my buddy Erick has put down his chemistry set for a while and is experimenting with his robo call machine again.

Questions should have read:

1) Have you ever questioned the FBI?

2) Included the option "if your neighbors at a bikini bar."

3) Asked the call recipeint to Define Car.