Friday, September 21, 2007

New Poll: Edwards Strongest Dem in Key States

How well I remember election day 2004. In the afternoon, we were elated as exit polls leaked indicating Kerry was well ahead in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Even Florida was within reach, or so we thought. I worked all day as a poll watcher in Bibb, and after the polls closed, Daryl and I headed toward Atlanta to watch the returns come in on the big screens with other dems. As the evening progressed, the early predictions fell apart, Ohio was colored red, we had lost another national election, and the three years that have followed have been worse than I imagined-and I knew it would be bad.

It was awful, and in November of 2008 I don't want a sequel. That's a key reason why John Edwards gets my support for President. While his policy proposals have been early and detailed, the truth is that all the leading Democrats are fairly close on policy. But, Edwards can win and has coattails in rural areas that help other Democrats-like Warner, Marshall and Barrow-win, too. For instance, a new SurveyUSA poll indicates that Edwards is the Democrat who is strongest in the critical swing state of Ohio. In 2004, a blue Ohio would've put John Kerry in the White House. Add states like Virginia to the blue team, and we just might acheive an electoral margin that would get everyone to bed-or to the party-by midnight.

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