Sunday, September 2, 2007

Or, Maybe Not So Much

I was really just kidding about supporting the GOP tax plan, but my phone started ringing. Apparently, no worries about your child's private school tuition. The hush, hush, wink, wink to private school parents is that one of the long term objectives of the Great Big Tax on Everything is that it opens the door for a fully implements school voucher program. See, you can't have statewide school vouchers-not really-unless all the money for schools flows from one source: Atlanta. So, there you go. Apparently, Richardson intends to act upon the disdain he has exhibited for local school boards. Soon, we won't be needing those anymore. Or maybe we will. Someone will have to educate the children no one else wants.

Is this one of the devilish details Peake and others refer to?

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