Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pledge Doesn't Stop Clinton

Hillary Clinton should know that Iowa voters don't do "technicalities," yet, despite signing the pledge to skip campaigning in states that are trying to break DNC rules and jump ahead in the primary line, Hillary Clinton held six events in Florida on Monday, five fundraisers and one political, the Quad-City Times of Davenport, Iowa reported today. The article points out that Florida is technically not in violation at this time because they have until later this month to pick a new primary date, so Clinton technically did not break her promise. Technically. This is what the past chair of the Iowa Democratic Party had to say:
“It’s not immoral. It’s not improper, per se,” said Dave Nagle, the former Iowa Democratic chairman. “But it does raise the suspicion of how sincere they were when they said they wouldn’t campaign in those states.”

Such suspicion is the problem with technicalities, and that is particularly a problem for Clinton who already set off a firestorm in Iowa when an internal memo urging her to skip the Iowa caucuses leaked from her campaign.

Between finishing third in the Texas e-primary (which John Edwards won handily), returning over 850K in allegedly improper campaign donations, and this bit of news, Sen. Clinton has not had a great news day.

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