Wednesday, September 19, 2007

SEIU and John Edwards

SEIU met this week, heard from the presidential candidates, polled their members and discussed endorsement. The buzz on the blogs is that while SEIU is officially mum on the results, Edwards won the straw poll; however, as expected, the executive committee is going to take their time with the endorsement process and will hear from the three top contenders-Edwards, Clinton and Obama next Monday about their strategy for winning the election.

Most did not expect that there would be an endorsement today. The sense is that it's early and the race is very fluid. There is some speculation that SEIU may not endorse at all, but regardless, Edwards has strong support among the members of SEIU, and if the report that he won the straw poll is accurate, then that can translate to critical support on the ground. We'll see what happens on Monday!

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