Saturday, September 1, 2007

That's Right

Here's what Edwards had to say today when he signed the pledge to not campaign in those states trying to break in line in front of Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina

"I strongly encourage my fellow candidates to support this four state pledge. The Democratic Party is the party of ideas, not money; Main Street, not Wall Street; and real people, not Washington insiders, and signing this pledge reaffirms that.” John Edwards

Obama signed today, too. Hillary? Oh, Hillary???


Vic said...

How many ideas does it take to get a good haircut? Just askin, i don't know nothin about haircuts.

"Democratic Party is the party of ideas, not money"

Amy Morton said...

And Hillary signed late yesterday, after Edwards and after Obama.

I don't care if the next President flys to Paris once a month for a haircut if he or she will take on the big insurance companies, big drug companies and corporate America and fight for us little peeps. I am not interested in a cautious, middle of the road, politically correct, let's invite the bloodsuckers to the table next Presient. We need a leader with the courage to fight for what's right-someone who will give the people a seat at the table.

Vic said...

I like your new, long sentences.