Tuesday, September 4, 2007

You Might As Well Be Polling Canada

In political circles, when talk of national polls surfaces, a phrase commonly heard is "you might as well be polling Canada." That refers to the lack of application of those polls to the actual, state by state, primary process. Well, President Clinton, in defending his wife's electability issue, has taken it to a whole new level-siting actual polls of foreign countries. See the quote below from the Washington Post:

The former president observed that George W. Bush won the majority of counties in New York in 2000 (Al Gore still won the state as the most populous areas are heavily Democratic). But in 2006, when Hillary Clinton ran for reelection, she won the vast majority of the Bush counties.
The ex-president even noted a recent survey by a Canadian polling group called Angus Reid showing that more than 40 percent of residents in Germany, France and other European countries wanted to see Hillary Clinton elected president, putting her far-ahead of the other candidates. Clinton noted Americans like to make their own decisions, but argued this was a very important consideration because many countries have been frustrated by the policies of the Bush administration. "You want to fix America's standing in the world, elect Hillary," Clinton said.


Button Gwinnett said...

Yes, I'm sure independents and conservatives who have already told us they won't vote Democratic if Hillary is our nominee will be swayed by that. She's not running for president of Slovakia. She's running for president of the United States. The only opinions that matter as far as electability goes are those of American voters.

By the way, congrats on the pick labor pickups this weekend. Edwards is picking up some serious steam.

Amy Morton said...

True...and, yes, the Edwards' had a great month in August and started September with a bang with the labor endorsements. He has the all important momenteum in this race-and at the right time. You can just sense it.

By the way, are you coming to the luncheon on the 19th with Elizabeth? Need info?