Saturday, October 6, 2007

Al Williams is Right

If Rep. Al Williams is looking for the presidential candidate who best understands that Georgia does not end at the perimeter, then John Edwards is definitely the guy for him. Yesterday, as Gov. Bill Richardson addressed the Black Caucus in Atlanta, caucus chair, Rep. Al Williams (D-Hinesville) opined:

(Williams) decried the pattern of candidates coming only for the day to attend a fundraiser before leaving.
"Unfortunately, Georgia ain't nothing but a cash box," Mr. Williams said. "Most of them don't know there's anything but Atlanta."

Williams is, of course, correct. While Georgia is a major source of cash for presidential candidates, most just pop in and out of Atlanta for a day-or a few hours-of fundraising and maybe a public event. It is as if the rest of the state simply does not exist.

Not John Edwards. Edwards is the candidate who has an actual plan for the revitalization of rural America, and both he and Elizabeth have visited rural Georgia on multiple occasions throughout the campaign. John and Elizabeth Edwards have each visited Macon, Elizabeth has visited Savannah, and most recently, both John and Elizabeth Edwards were the guests of President and Mrs. Carter for a public event in Americus, Georgia that drew nearly 2,000 people.

Edwards' appeal to rural America is also reflected in his fundraising. While the other candidates have simply concentrated on Atlanta, John Edwards' fundraising in Georgia "below the gnat line" blows all the other candidates-Democrats or Republicans-out of the water.

This trend is reflected all around the country, and that's significant. John Edwards has strong appeal to rural voters, perhaps because his own roots are in rural America. This ability to appeal to rural voters is just one of the reasons why Edwards is the strongest candidate is general election match-ups. Check recent polling numbers here.

So, Rep. Williams, John Edwards is your guy. In fact, if we want to win, and want at the same time to elect the most progressive president in memory, then John Edwards is the best choice for all of us.

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