Monday, October 15, 2007

Breeding the Kingdom?

Be very careful when taking a specious argument to its logical conclusion. Albert Mohler, who is the President of Southern Seminary, is fixated on the idea that, in order to keep the denomination's pews, and presumably coffers, full, Southern Baptists need to get busy and breed. Mohler uses this as an argument against choice and for women being pregnant, submissive homemakers. I've always thought Mohler's argument was creepy, insulting and demeaning to women, but today I came across a new wrinkle that is just plain scary.

I was reading a post by Bob Allen over at Ethics Daily about Mohler's argument that Christians (like his fellow Baptist Al Gore) should be more concerned about saving souls than saving the Earth. The planet was given to humans to dominate and is destined to be destroyed by fire any old way, so why bother?

I was going to post on that nonsense and went over to Mohler's blog to read the post Allen referenced, and I came across this shocking entry: Falling Birthrates, Empty Cribs and Collapsing World Views. Holy cow. Mohler reflects on the work of Steve Ozment who has written about the growth of the Muslim population in Germany. Ozment opines:

In Germany's large Muslim communities, speaking German and mastering the German Basic Law are proving to be effective tools not only for immigrant assimilation to German culture, but also for the ascendancy of immigrant culture over German. With the continuing growth of these communities, and the construction of mammoth mosques within them, will come increasing demands by the inhabitants to govern by sharia law rather than by German Basic Law.
And, Mohler elaborates:

This leads to two related developments. First, these secular worldviews do not encourage large families. Second, this weakening of the family among non-Muslims comes as immigrant Muslims re-assert their commitment to the traditional family and multiple children. An Islamic domination of the culture is just a matter of time.

"Immigrant assimilation" - "Ascendancy of immigrant culture" - "Encourage large families" What????? Where have I heard this argument before?

I half-expected Mohler to end his piece with a proposal to bring back the Mother's Cross.
Mohler seems to be making the dangerous argument that Christians need to out-breed Muslims. The inference is that Christian babies are more desirable than Muslim babies. And that is some scary theology. I, for one, don't think that we can breed our way into the Kingdom.


Tina said...

What unmitigated nonsense those guys are spouting. Their time would be better spent on visiting the sick, feeding the poor, clothing the naked, sheltering the homeless than spinning their mental wheels with such specious reasoning.

Sharon Moreno said...

Oh, come one ladies! I hate the way people can take one part out of a whole and make it into something else entirely. Journalists are good at it, and I guess you are too. I am a woman as well as a Christian, and was not the least bit insulted or demeaned by what Al Mohler had to say. You have twisted it into something that was never stated or implied.