Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Front Page Promotion: LOAF

From the excellent comments this morning on "What Are We For?", Fall Line Dem offers up a proposal for a brand new political party, LOAF. See a portion of the comment below:

Simply in an effort to get elected, it seems that Democrats are running as barely as they can to the left of Republicans. With regard to Marshall's vote, I would have thought the increasing access to reasonable health care for children of working families would be a "Democratic" value. It would also seem to be an issue on which Marshall could lead. However, our Congressman appears more interested in trying not to be objectionable to members of the Republican party than he is of distinguishing why he is a "Democrat" in anything other than in name only. Perhaps there should be a new "party" for Jim Marshall and his ilk: the Least Objectionable Alternative Front (LOAF)".

Update:c And, now for a little levity, Button points out that members of the LOAF party would correctly be referred to as "Loafers."

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Open+Transparent said...

Intestinal Fortitude. Some people like Eliot Spitzer have it, and know when to fight as hard as possible:


And then they are guys like DuBose Porter, Calvin Smyre, Thurbert Baker and Mike Thurmond, who think
letting GA Republicans fighting among themselves is the best course of action for GA Dem's.

SCHIP is a HUGE deal, fellas. Pretty damn sad that Sonny Perdue has been more vocal than you have on it.