Sunday, October 21, 2007

Giuliani Says No to Jesus: Baptist President Prays and Tells

"No, Frank, I'm not ready to do that. My daddy knows Jesus like that, but I'm not ready for that," said Republican presidential front runner Rudy Giuliani, rejecting the invitation of Rev. Frank Page to accept Jesus as his savior. Not to worry, Southern Baptist Convention President Frank Page-who obviously knew about Giuliani's cell phone prowess-gave him his mobile number and invited the presidential candidate, a Roman Catholic, to call him when he was ready to talk about Jesus.

And how do we know this? According to Robert Parham over at Ethics Daily, we know because Page thought it was appropriate to "pray and tell." He bragged about his quest when he was addressing a group of Southern Baptist pastors in Oklahoma, failing to maintain pastoral confidentiality.

But Giuliani shouldn't be feeling too bad. According to Parham, Page also told his colleagues about his conversation with John McCain, an episcopalian who now attends a baptist church. Page says he asked, "Who owns your soul, John McCain?"

I can't wait to hear how Page's conversation with Romney goes. (I'm sure he'll tell us.) After all, Southern Baptists think Mormonism is a cult.

I sort of feel sorry for right-wing fundamentalists like Page, though. It's tough moving to the political bench when you've become accustomed to calling plays. Perhaps he, like Bush, is just trying to find a way to stay relevant.


Tina said...

How very very tiresome. Religion is a personal (and profound) matter. Too much religious lip-service and sloganizing going on, and not enough respect and love and worthy actions. Tacky. Almost as tacky as some of the church signs and billboards one sees these days. Makes one want to urp. Albert Schweitzer, where are you when we need you?

Amy Morton said...

I hope you read Parham's analysis. This is disturbing from the perspective of exclusivity and from the perspective of a pastor "bragging" about his conquest. Really, really tacky.

Tina said...

Ooooh, pride goeth before a fall...