Thursday, October 18, 2007

Guest Post: Prominent Feminist Leader Endorses John Edwards

Melita Easters, a nationally known leader in the women's movement and in democratic circles, has announced her endorsement of Sen. John Edwards for President. Easters has devoted much time and energy to helping pro-choice democratic women get elected in Georgia and nationally. For President, her choice is John Edwards. Today, we are proud to feature a guest post from Melita Easters:

I am happy to support John Edwards because we share a similar heritage – he is the son of a mill worker and I am the daughter of a school teacher and a USDA worker who was street smart but reported to men with college degrees. We share the small town values of our childhood and the experience of leaving those small towns for life in more metropolitan areas. His daughter Kate and my two daughters are about the same age. John and Elizabeth Edwards are articulate advocates for the vision we share of what the America we pass off to our grand children to come can and should be.

It is hard for someone who grew up in a “Yellow Dog Democrat” household like me to see what has happened to Georgia under Republican control: a blatant disregard for children’s health care, ethical responsibility, open government and our precious natural and environmental resources. For Democrats to undo the damage of a Republican Governor and a House, Senate and PSC controlled by more Republicans, the down ballot races are critically important in 2008. The Democratic presidential candidate must be someone who appeals to all parts of Georgia – rural, urban and suburban.

John Edwards is that candidate. He understands the problems of rural towns who have lost industry to overseas competition. He understands the need for all children to have access to health care and a college education. He and Elizabeth are the epitome of integrity and ethics, true family values and a passion to make the world a better place so that others may have the opportunity to achieve as they have. It is important to have Edwards at the top of the ticket so that the candidates for state house or senate seats and local races have a candidate who will generate excitement and voter turnout. John and Elizabeth have already demonstrated a commitment to campaign in Georgia.

It is time for a presidential candidate who will not “write off” Georgia and the rest of the south coming in only to fundraise and then spend those dollars in other states. John is that candidate and his commitment to not just his own race, but to rebuilding the Democratic party in the south from the grassroots up is important to me and the women I and others are talking to about taking on and challenging Republican incumbents in 2008.

Melita Easters
Long-time activist in women’s and Democratic party circles


Vic said...

Feminism And Romance Go Hand In Hand ScienceDaily (Oct. 16, 2007) — releases/2007/

but i still don't understand what a yellow dog democrat is. it invokes the images of old yeller, fire hydrants and cowardice. i think it's maybe time for a major, leadfree lipstick, image makeover?

Beth said...

As a staunch Hillary supporter, I must say, that this interview with Edwards has me thinking twice. I know full well that Edwards would do well here in the South... I just don't know about the rest of the country. What a wonderful problem to have..... more than one EXCELLENT candidate!

Amy Morton said...

Thanks, Beth. Melita does make a powerful case for Edwards. We'll all be there for the nominee, but, for now, I'm making my plane reservations for the Iowa caucuses! See you on Friday.