Thursday, October 4, 2007

I'd Like a Little Leadership With My Coffee, Please...

This could be Jim Marshall's moment-if he will step up to the plate and stand up to the President. Before I got out of bed this morning, I picked up my blackberry to read the headlines. (Yes, I really am that addicted.) The first two, taken together, pretty much sums up how many Georgians are feeling about Bush's veto of SCHIP:

1) Bush veto threatens PeachCare funding (AJC) 2. Ga. plans execution this month (AJC)

Further down the list, there was this:

Marshall could feel heat to override Bush veto (Macon Telegraph)

Marshall has been getting a good bit of pressure via Georgia's progressive blogs this morning, and now the AJC has noticed. Galloway and company opine that Marshall is unlikely to switch his vote, and that pushing Kucinich is a better option. That's probably true, but unfortunately, a vote from Kucinich get us one vote, but Marshall could bring others along with him. If Jim Marshall can vote against the President, in his district, so can others of of the 29 needed to override the veto. That's why Marshall's vote is vital.

This does matter. If you have a blog please post this. If you have not done so yet, please let Marshall hear from you. Here, again, is the contact information:

Let's fill his email box. What do you say?

You can sign an online petition here.
Or, drop him an email here:E-mail:
Or, call or fax him here:Phone: (202) 225-6531
Fax: (202) 225-3013
Phone: (478) 464-0255Fax: (478) 464-0277

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