Friday, October 12, 2007

Jim Marshall Must Be Feeling the Heat

Thirteen votes. That's what Democrats now need to override the President's SCHIP veto. With the vote scheduled for October 18th, just thirteen votes stand between Georgia's children and greater access to the health care they need. Thirteen votes stand between Georgia's working families and the ability to make sure that their children get preventative and primary care at their pediatrician's office, instead of expensive and often ineffective treatment at the emergency room. Georgia Democrat, Jim Marshall is one of those thirteen votes. He must be feeling the heat because he's catching it from the left-and the right. He shouldn't be surprised. (Read the comments on this online petition, and sign it while you're there.)

From the right, MyDD reports that Catholics United is launching radio ads calling on pro-life republicans to support this legislation. Marshall, who is Catholic, is not one of their targets, but he should be. The ads make the point that opposing this legislation is "inconsistent with their pro-life values." No kidding. You can listen to the ads here.

From the left, today, Blue America and Blogpac, organizations that have already sent robocalls into Marshall's district, posted a page on ActBlue, raising money to run this ad:

There's more than halfway to their goal of raising $10,000 to run the ad, so go there, toss in a few coins, and help keep the pressure on Congressman Marshall. He has an opportunity to lead on this issue. This is not about Ellis telling him to do it, and not about getting re-elected. This is about doing what's right for our children. Come on, Jim, we're counting on you to do the right thing.

And, I'm counting on all of you to keep emailing and calling Marshall. Tell Marshall to be one of the thirteen votes we need. Tell him it's time to lead. Tell him to vote to override!

What do you say?

You can sign an online petition here.

Or, drop him an email here:


Or, call or fax him here:

Phone: (202) 225-6531

Fax: (202) 225-3013

Phone: (478) 464-0255

Fax: (478) 464-0277

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