Friday, October 19, 2007

Manuel's. Tonight. Be There!

Some of Georgia's most prominent men are sponsoring an event tonight at Manuel's Tavern in support of Georgia's WIN List and some of Georgia's most electable women. It is. The place. To be. Tonight. And, you're invited. Contributions to WIN help support great, pro-choice, Democratic women who are running for state level office in Georgia. Info below:

MEN for WIN!
Charles Huddleston to be Honored

Event Chair: Mark Dehler

When: Friday, October 19, 2007 6 - 8 pm

Where: Manuel's Tavern

602 North Highland Avenue

Atlanta, Georgia 30316

Contribution (at the door) $100*

WIN must report contributions greater than $100 per year as required by law. Contributions to Georgia's WIN List are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.


Vic said...

dang Mark looks rested in that pic. see what gettin the heck away from politics will do for ya? i bet he's even gotten his sense of humor back...

Vic said...

Y'all can sell this short story to raise funds, tell all the babes in blue i said hi...

Let's make Forensic Government Auditors sexy like the CSI gang... i.e.:

Mathilda, a dedicated, Bibb County forensic accountant by day, bikini bar pole dancer & blogger by night, part time masseuse & tattoo artist on the weekends, was racked by guilt as she pondered the single page document, containing the bridge concrete composition formula. CNN was showing picture after picture of the victims of the Tom Moreland-Donato Altobelli-Harold Linnenkohl-Glenn Richardson- Tommy Olmstead-Bob Fountain-Elmo Richardson-Charlie Bishop Bridge to nowhere, collapsing into the Atlantic off the coast of Jekyll Island.

Mathilda pushed her long brown hair to the side, pulled out her tassel whip and thrashed her back three times for letting that little twisted nose, napoleonic good ole boy intimidate and back her down when she raised questions about the weakened concrete mixture formula, which was reported by an office clerk in Alabama, who was a fellow bikini bar pole dancer by night, in a club that was indirectly owned by a prominent member of the Chamber Maiden Club of Middle Georgia but was shielded from view by the Second Ever Female Secretary of State's Corporate non transparency rules, just like the laws that forced her to shield her first amendment womanhood at the bikini bar.

Mathilda's deep blue eyes were conflicted. What was a Millenium woman to do? Where were her priorities? She realized she didn't know the reflection in the mirror anymore. Who was she, what did she stand for? Forensic accounting, pole dancing, massage, tattoo art, conflict cover up makeup, fragrance, eyeliner and lipstick?

Since the new and improved anti ethics and anti whistleblower laws, Mathilda would need to hop-skip-jump, post haste and choose between the multitude of Title Pawn stores on PioNono Avenue, which no one could pronounce, to take out a loan, to hire an attorney, to expose the secrets behind the collapse of the Tom Moreland-Donato Altobelli-Harold Linnenkohl-Glenn Richardson-Tommy Olmstead-Bob Fountain-Elmo Richardson-Charlie Bishop Bridge to nowhere.

Her plans to become a Mother through anywhere-but-Georgia, artificial insemination would have to be put on hold, unless she could convince Vernon that he needed a christened child, on the campaign trail, as he ran for Lt Governor of Georgia...

Vic said...

just when you thought that was as good as it gets: 198/story/165244.html
"Retreat likely for Bibb leaders"

shhhh, we're in the middle of the first annual, Bibb County mutual admiration benefit society's, nose to nose, toe to toe peer review and are planning a retreat to resolve it all, once and for all. no firearms allowed...

everyone must stay in one asphalt room with no trees and no house plants til they resolve their differences or pee in their pants.we call it coming together. those who don't get sent to bed with no supper...proclamations given to those that don't pee highest on the fire hydrant,

no girls allowed.

Posted by: pee placidly amidst the noise & haste