Saturday, October 20, 2007

Photographing History

Every now and then, you happen on history, and happen to have a camera. Below are some photographs of Thursday's press conference at the Capitol.

Barnes stood in the rotunda of the building where he once governed and endorsed fellow southerner, John Edwards for President. He was joined at the podium by a number of elected officials, including Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor, Sen. Seay, Sen. Fort and our own Lauren Benedict. I can't remember the last time Taylor and Barnes appeared together at at press conference at the capitol, but this was Taylor's first press conference since the 2006 election. In the audience and at the podium, there were individuals who represented key constituencies of our Party: elected officials, party establishment, young democrats, civil right leaders, fundraisers-all together, at the place where Democrats once held the reigns of power. The moment was rich with symbolism that was lost on no one.

Here are some pictures:

A reporter asked Barnes why he thought that Edwards could win the Georgia primary in 2008, when he did not win in 2004. Barnes replied, "Sometimes, you learn more from defeat than from victory."

Barnes' sense of humor was intact, too. At one point in the conference, we heard a sneeze from somewhere upstairs, prompting Barnes to quip, "Sonny, is that you?"

Lauren Benedict and Melita Easters Endorse John Edwards

Barnes and Taylor Appear Together at Capitol Press Conference to Endorse Edwards


Tina said...

What an exciting event! And, yes, taking photos doubles the fun. :-)
Thanks for sharing.

Amy Morton said...

You are the queen of photographs, Tina! But, you're right. I have photographs I wouldn't take anything for. Imagine how precious these become if Edwards is the nominee and goes on to become President? The same is true for the pictures I took in Iowa, or the ones from when he was in Middle Geogia, or the ones with Carter in Americus. You just never know when you're photographing history being made.

Vic said...

good shots and good quips Sis Paparazzi, makes me homesick, nostalgic and thirsty.