Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pro-Birth But Not Pro-Life

Tomorrow is crunch time for SCHIP, and surely, the streets will be filled with Georgians who are pro-life and advocating for an expansion to SCHIP. No strangers to public demonstrations, these advocates normally carry signs depicting aborted fetuses, meant to shock, but tomorrow, surely their signs will be depicting the older children who need access to the health care, equally shocking. I bet they've been burning up the phone lines of Georgia's "pro-life" congressmen, too, telling them to vote override the President's veto. Surely they will, because if you're don't care about children as they grow, you're not pro-life. You're just pro-birth.

Catholics United and others are asking a valid question. How can members of Congress who claim to be pro-life fail to vote for greater access to health care for the children of the working poor? Are they pro-life, or just pro-birth? Or maybe they're just pro-republican. That sounds about right. (Check this summary on Kos, and below you can read more about the efforts of Catholics United to press "pro-life" congressmen to vote to override the President's veto. You can listen to the ads, too.)

In Georgia, Sadie Fields, Chair of the Georgia Christian Alliance, hasn't just been quiet-she's been vocal in her opposition to this bill, claiming it "destroyed the core mission of the plan." Well, I don't know about you, but I thought that the core mission of SCHIP was making sure working parents can take their kids to the doctor. The call to "stand in the gap" is a powerful biblical principle. We are called to stand in the gap-to advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves. We are to stand in the gap-not stand in the way. Right now, we need to stand in the gap for the 100,000 Georgia children who can be added to the PeachCare rolls if enough members of Congress will stand up to the President.

Do I have to ask you again to call Jim Marshall?

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Catholics United has announced they will launch an advertising campaign on the radio next week, urging certain Congressional representatives to support the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, SCHIP. The ads target the ten members of Congress whose opposition to SCHIP stands in stark contrast to their pro-life voting records.

Listen to these ads expose these supposedly "pro-life" politicians as the disgusting hypocrites they are.

Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite, Florida (listen)
Rep. Joseph Knollenberg, Michigan (listen)
Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, Michigan (listen)
Rep. Tim Walberg, Michigan (listen)
Rep. Steve Chabot, Ohio (listen)
Rep. Gene Taylor, Mississippi (listen)
Rep. Michele Bachmann, Minnesota (listen)
Rep. Sam Graves, Missouri (listen)
Rep. Thelma Drake, Virginia (listen)
Rep. John Peterson, Peterson (listen)

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Tina said...

Well, it's too bad that "we, the people" could not over-ride Bush's veto. Congress doesn't seem to be listening to us anymore. Also I am real tired of hearing conservatives holler "socialism" when the issue of health care for American children comes up. These are the same folks who think it's okay for the United State to be in debt to the world's largest communist nation....go figure....

Open+Transparent said...

Amy, did you see this? The SCHIP bill has provisions for military families. The mainstream media should have jumped on this important facet of the issue, but of course they didn't. So Jim Marshall and everyone else voting against SCHIP is also voting against military families. And I'm sick & f-ing tired of Tom Price, the real life Ned Flanders,
getting in front of the cameras every chance he can get to tell us why SCHIP and healtcare for kids is so bad.

Two largely overlooked provisions of SCHIP would address the urgent issue of protecting military families as outlined by the Dole-Shalala Commission. Sections 621 and 622, under Subtitle C, provide one year of employment discrimination protection to family members caring for grievously wounded troops, and extend permitted work leave for these caretakers from three to six months.

alantybor said...

Where do you think the money for Schip is going to come from? The Democrats say it will come from increases in tobacco tax. 20,000% + increase in cigars alone. Yes you read that right and a 900% + increase in loose tobacco. Oh they didn't tell you that did they. You only here about the .61 cents on cigarettes. Adding this kind of tax will shut down the entire Cigar and Pipe Tobacco industry just as a similar tax shut down the entire Yacht building industry in the 90's. We are talking about an estimated 75,000 US jobs lost, with nothing to replace them. How about the several hundred thousand jobs that will be lost in Central America. They need these jobs to feed there children and we're crying because ours don't have enough health coverage. It is a blatant violation on CAFTA. This bill will collapse the economies of Nicaragua, Honduras and The Domincan Republic whose chief industry is cigar production, by placing an illegal (CAFTA) Tariff of 53% on imported goods. Some of you say good we don't like tobacco anyway. We cannot collapse several world economies and not expect serious repercussions to our actions. I would love for all children to have health care, but they don't have the funding for this to work. A Georgia Senator quoted in The Atlanta Journal Constitution stated, " There is only one problem with this bill, according to the numbers we need 22,000,000 new smokers to make this work." Please research this before commenting or you will look like a fool. I sell Hand Rolled Cigars, not cigarettes and this bill will immediately put me out of business and put me and my 2 children out on the street. Not to mention what it would do to my 5 employees and their families. Cigars will account for less than 1% of the money for this bill, yet world wide more than 400,000 people stand to lose there jobs if this bill passes. Now we will have 75,000 less jobs in the US and there still won't be enough funding for this to work. Please think with your head and not your heart on this issue. How about a 1% fast food tax, there would be enough money for that and it wouldn't collapse an entire industry. Please consider this before posting, cigars in my State with the new added tax would be taxed at an 83% rate, almost 200% in some states with Federal and State excise Taxes. What would it do to the industry you are in, If all of your products were suddenly taxed at an almost 200% rate? It would most likely shut it down. Please think of my children and the children of 75,000 other Tax paying Americans and please ask your Senators and Congressmen to remove Cigars from this bill. Sicerely,

Alan Tybor
Puff N Stuff Cigars