Tuesday, October 16, 2007

So, Since When is Children's Health a Far Left Agenda?

The Blue America/BlogPAC ad ran in the Macon Telegraph, and while I might not have used the same language as the ad sponsors, I agree that Marshall should support this largely bi-partisan legislation to help the children of the working poor gain greater access to health care. The pushback here-the claim that those of us who dare to suggest that Marshall support this legislation are just short of being socialists-is a classic Roverian technique, and in this instance has strong overtones of race-baiting. It's not working.

Do the right thing, Jim. Vote to override.


Tina said...

You can't be THAT far left, Amy.
Did you notice that Google has placed a Vote Republican ad on your website just under the
"So, since when...." posting? Yikes! They're everywhere !

Amy Morton said...

That's funny!

Button Gwinnett said...

The Bush administration has been dropping dimes on any number of different issues and causes during the last 7 years. After all, true fiscal conservatives are extremely unhappy with Bush. But what I don't understand is if Bush and the Republicans are so willing to spend, why aren't they willing to bolster children's health care?

So now Jim Marshall must decide. Is he so worried about his perception amongst his mostly conservative constituents that he's willing to deny children health care?

Tina said...

"Health, mental health, and safety, as defined here, are inextricably linked to student
achievement." See the link:

Vic said...

but we gotta socialize Iraq via Haliburton first!

Amy Morton said...

Again, if I were in his seat and believed I would not be re-elected if I voted to expand access to health care for the children of the working poor, then I would've just had to come home. If there is any such thing as a core democratic value-this is it. If we cannot agree on this, then I don't know what we're for.