Thursday, November 15, 2007

Clinton Slides in Iowa: New Poll

Today, Rasmussen is reporting results showing that Hillary Clinton's poll numbers in Iowa have dropped seven points in recent weeks, mirroring her six point drop in New Hampshire. Currently, 29% of respondents support Clinton, 25% support Edwards and 21% support Obama, making the race a statistical dead heat. Not surprisingly, Bill Richardson now finds himself in the double digits drawing support from 10% of those polled. Among those who say they are certain to caucus, the top three are tied, 26%, 26% and 26%. Fully half of those polled say they might change their mind before January, so the race is truly anyone's. Second choice support, important in caucuses, is also evenly split between the top three. Among the top three, Edwards is the best liked by caucus goers, with 84% reporting a favorable opinion of him, compared to 81% for Obama and 79% for Clinton. I bet congress wishes for those numbers!

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