Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Elizabeth Edwards in Macon This Friday

With a pivotal debate scheduled for Thursday, and polls tightening in critical early states, Elizabeth Edwards is headed for Macon this Friday for a fundraiser. Join us!

“When I think of strength and grace, I think of Elizabeth’s undefeatable spirit. She is simply one of the most honest, most deeply inspiring people I have ever met.”
—Sheryl Crow

Please join us for a reception with
Elizabeth Edwards
at the residence of

Duke Groover & Catherine Bomberger

2417 Clayton StreetMacon, Georgia
Friday, November 16th, 20075:00 PM

Event Chair: $2,300 (Private Reception)Host: $1,000Friend: $250*Maximum contribution per individual is $4,600,$2,300 for the primary and $2,300 for the general

Marie & Roy Barnes, Lauren Benedict, Manley Brown, Robert Brown, Melanie & Chuck Byrd, Franklin Henson, Lisa & Wendell Horne, Beverly & Alvin Leaphart, Kathy McArthur & Waldo Floyd, Steve Leeds, Debbie & Michael Moore, Amy & Daryl Morton, Carol & DuBose Porter, Kim & Carl Reynolds, Kim & Terrell Sandefur, Valencia Seay, Sacha & Mark Taylor, Deeann & Rex Templeton, David Thompson, Scott Thompson

For more information or to RSVP, please contact Liz Pavle at 919-636-3211 or

John Edwards for President

410 Market Street

Suite 400

Chapel Hill, NC 27516

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