Friday, November 16, 2007

Elizabeth Edwards in Macon Tonight

Here are a few pictures from the Elizabeth Edwards event in Macon tonight. She was her usual articulate, friendly, down to earth self. My favorite line of the night: "If we applied the language of No Child Left Behind to the war in Iraq-it's never made AYP." More tomorrow, but for now, see if you recognize some faces:

Welcome Sign Created By Groover Children

Elizabeth Edwards and Duke Groover

Elizabeth Edwards and Lauren Benedict

Carol Porter, Elizabeth Edwards, DuBose Porter


Vic said...

Yea, but did she autograph any shoes?

"Dr. Milton Miller ran the soles of his shoes off Friday trying to catch Oprah between stops in downtown Macon. By the time he caught her at H&H, she autographed his soles."

-Liz Fabian at

Kery said...

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